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LCD TV Universal Switching Power Window Module

LCD TV Power module


Category: ID: 1831

This series of module (dc main voltage 300V and 400V) is designed for repairing LLC resonant power supply of LCD TV and monitors when it damage. This product (Excepting a small number of main power supply use the thick film IC circuit in society.
Each wire connection instruction:
1. Red line: joining main voltage +300v (without PFC), or joining main voltage +400v (with PFC)
2. Black line: joining the negative, namely the power tube thermally.
3. Gray line: joining the resonance transformer and resonance capacitance at one end.
4. Blue line: joining the resonant transformer primary and two MOS pipe connection at one end.
5. Green line: joining the original machine opt coupler 1 feet, (the original machine Stabilized light coupling removed)
6. White line: joining the original IC (the original machine IC power supply feet cut off) 10 v to 18 v. (the original machine startup capacitor keep saving)
7. Yellow line: the main voltage is +400 v (PFC) don’t need to connect, the main voltage is +300 v power supply need to connect.
8. Purple line: joining the original machine light coupling 2 feet. (the original machine voltage light coupling removed).
9. Brown line: joining the big electrolytic capacitor anode. (Thermally)